Hollow stones Taidekivi are handmade fiberglass imitations of natural stones, designed to cover and decorate flaws in your plot/lot, including well covers and other traces that may have appeared after construction work. Artificial stones Taidekivi restore a sense and view of naturalness to your plot/lot.

Due to their lightweight nature, hollow stones are easy to lift and place back in position, allowing for maintenance procedures, such as servicing a water well. With a diameter of 90cm, the hollow stone weights only 7-8kg, while the smaller 50cm artificial stone weighs only 3-4kg, depending on the shape of the stone.

The colors and materials of stones

Artificial garden rocks are available in two different colors - 'red granite' and 'gray granite.' The exterior surface of the landscape stones is made of granite aggregate, which ensures durability, resistance to temperature changes, and weather resistance. Therefore, the products are frost-resistant and perfectly suitable for the harsh climate!

The core of the decorative rocks is made of fiberglass, with epoxy resin used as a binder. The production technology is quite similar to, for example, sailboat manufacturing when it comes to handling high and long-term loads. Despite the relatively thin wall thickness, the structure of the decorative garden rocks can withstand static loads of 100kg+.

The shapes of Taidekivi garden rocks

Designers choose the most striking and beautiful natural stones found abundantly along the shores of Finnish lakes as the basis for the shapes of artificial decorative rocks. The range of landscape stones is constantly expanding, allowing our customers to select the stone model and shape that best suits their landscape. The dimensions of the garden rocks are designed to fit the main dimensions of wells commonly used in Europe.

The exterior surface of Taidekivi garden rocks is treated by hand, by applying various shades of stone aggregate. As a result, each stone is unique.

Maintenance of Taidekivi garden rocks

Hollow landscape stones require no maintenance whatsoever. The longer the stone remains in its natural environment, partially covered by leaves and cleansed by rainwater, the more beautiful and natural it will appear.